Available at THE TEE SERVICE on Etsy, the #AGEMISMSUCKS Collection was inspired by personal experience, has clearly resonated with many via Instagram @AGEISMSUCKS, and was featured on Out Magazine's 2022 OUT100 list.
The street mock-ups above were created for social media, but the goal is to one day make a street, particularly MTA campaign, a reality.
As we all have our favorite decades, five new T-shirt designs are coming based on five decades: 1950s (inspired by jazz LP covers), 1960s (groovy/flower power font), 1970s (punk), 1980s (Miami Vice/Memphis), to the 1990s (triangles, pastels and neon). 
Pending approval, from the USPTO, #AGEMISMSUCKS™ will soon be a fully registered ® trademark. 
Read the original press release, "Battle Gear for the War on Ageism," here. Video content coming to TikTok and Instagram in 2024.
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