The LGBTQ Pride Ally Collections, available at my Etsy shop, THE TEE SERVICE. In an age where a teacher can lose their job by wearing the LGBTQ flag, these designs are a great way for allies to subtly show their support for LGBTQ+ family, friends and LGBTQ+ rights. Below are various "collections" based on the LGBTQ flag colors.
Above and below, the Pride Dots Collection T-shirts. A graphic representation of 20 LGBTQ+ Pride Flags using one dot for each stripe on the various flags. Subtle, but steeped in Pride history in an ally-friendly design. Also on a tote, pillow and mug (scroll).

20 LGBTQ+ Pride Flags represented, randomly arranged, left to right, starting with the Genderqueer Pride Flag (lavender, white, green):

1. Genderqueer Flag
2. Nonbinary Pride Flag
3. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 6 stripes 1978
4. Polysexual Flag
5. Genderfluid Flag
6. Gay Men’s Pride Flag
7. Gilbert Flag 7 stripes 1978
8. Transgender Flag
9. Progress Pride Flag
10. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 8 stripes 1978
11. Aromantic Flag
12. Philadelphia Pride Flag
13. Asexual Pride Flag
14. Agender Pride Flag
15. Intersex Pride Flag
16. Bigender Pride Flag
17. Bear Brotherhood Pride Flag
18. Pansexual Pride Flag
19. Lesbian Pride Flag
20. Bisexual Pride Flag
Below, a version with the dot flag sequences repeated vertically.

Above, another version with the 20 LGBTQ+ Pride Flags represented as concentric rings; the Pride Echoes Collection.Rings were inspired by the work of Milton Glaser, specifically his Saratoga Festival poster. Many of the same rings were incorporated in the design I did for the HRC National Coming Out Day Campaign (Human Right's Campaign). Also on a tote, pillow and mug (scroll).
20 Flags represented, left to right, top to bottom:
1. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 7 stripes 1978
2. Aromantic Pride Flag
3. Lesbian Pride Flag
4. Asexual Pride Flag
5. Bear Brotherhood Pride Flag
6. Transgender Pride Flag
7. Progress Pride Flag
8. Polysexual Pride Flag
9. Intersex Pride Flag
10. Gay Men’s Pride Flag
11. Genderfluid Pride Flag
12. Philadelphia Pride Flag
13. Genderqueer Pride Flag
14. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 8 stripes 1978
15. Pansexual Pride Flag
16. Agender Pride Flag
17. Bisexual Pride Flag
18. Bigender Pride Flag
19. Nonbinary Pride Flag
20. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 6 stripes 1979

Below a version of the Pride Echoes design, with the flags as boxes or squares.
Above the Pride Bolts T-shirt. A graphic representation of LGBTQ using lightning bolt style Pride flags for each letter. 
From left to right: 
L = Lesbian flag
G = Gay flag
B = Bi flag
T = Trans flag
Q = Queer (Progress Pride flag)

Below, 3 other interpretation of LGBTQ, using military ribbon style Pride flags for each of the 5 letters, as above, followed by a version with 20 LGBTQ flags as ribbons.

Above: A graphic representation of the Progress Pride flag colors in an LGBTQ ally-friendly design. 

The third row on the T-shirt is all the Progress Pride flag colors in the order they appear on the flag: The colors of the flag chevron, left to right (white, pink, light blue, brown, black), followed by the colors of the flag stripes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). 

This design is also available on a hoodie, tote, pillow, and mug
Above: The 6 color Pride rainbow as a gradient. Not on a T-shirt, as the material and the all-over print process is not technically suited to a T-shirt.

Phone cases for all the designs above, as well as for the Bizzy Ass Bitch Collection.
From the SAY GAY Collection, which benefits and raised over $1000 for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and HRC (Human Rights Campaign). 

Below, various mugs, throw pillows and totes gathered together for the collections. 
Below, the Queer Faith Pride Collection, which includes two shirts (heart, star), which work well as ally shirts. Tap the link in caps to see the full collection. 
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