Design and slogan for the HRC NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY CAMPAIGN (Human Right's Campaign). HRC is the largest LGBTQ political lobbying organization within the United States. View their press release here
Design/slogan was submitted as a T-shirt, but became the artwork and theme for the entire HRC National Coming Out Day campaign. 
Design was influenced by the work of the great Milton Glaser (incorporating his font Babyteeth) and Frank Stella, a previous HRC-Target Equality Act campaign, and even the NYC subway's OMNY campaign. Mood board below.
Rings were originally created for the Pride Echoes Collection available at Etsy shop, The Tee Service. Each ring represents one of 20 LGBTQ Pride flags. Those rings were an evolution, thanks to Glaser, from the Pride Dots Collection, in which a column of dots represents each of the Pride flags. The rings in the Pride Echoes Collection where arranged as a grid, but, again, thanks to Glaser’s influence, for HRC, a select number of the rings were then arranged overlapping, as seen below. See the Pride Echoes shirt on the LGBTQ Ally Collection page.
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