This is a reimagined cover for the book that became the hit 1978 movie "Midnight Express." It is the true story of a young American caught by Turkish police while attempting to smuggle hash out of Istanbul. He’s tried and sent to prison for four years, where he endures all manner of privation and abuse. As he finishes up his time, he’s shocked to learn that the Turkish High Court has added a further 30 years to his sentence. Thoroughly demoralized, as his life in prison grows increasingly unbearable, he concludes that escape is his only option.
Assigned as a project by graphic designer Gabriele Wilson in her book cover design class at Shillington School of Graphic Design New York. She threw down a stack of $1 paperbacks from Strand Books, from which we were to randomly choose one to redesign.​​​​​​​
Matte cover, UV coating on title, author's name, praise attributions.
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